my horn can pierce the sky

I'm thinking about making art again and I'd love to hear what people want to see.
Even if we never talk, just give me a show or a person.

^^ I feel uber cool ^^

P.S. - Mama's Boys starts tomorrow [NBC @ 10/9c.] Um, YAYZ.


all i need

A small update...but these are by far my favorite headers that I've made (well not the first one - lol). I got a crapload of new textures and brushes...

So please tell me what you think! 

(I've been listening to Mat Kearney that's where the lyrics are from)

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[5] Skate Headers

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break it up boy

Jen went shopping! Totally got a whole new wardrobe! Score! Be expecting pics....lmao! Zomg! I went into American Eagle and there was this guy standing like perfectly still...I thought he was a manquin (spelling?)....thank god I didn't stare at him like an idiot!! Cause then I'd look like a total loser! Hahahe he he -sigh-.

I'm on Christmas break...yay! Though I have a cold and my nose is totally stuffed! Gr! And wow...Christmas is in 3 days, there is absolutely no hype for it, whatsoever. It's kinda sad...I picked out all my presents, so I know what they are - obviously. Amd I don't know...I'm just not excited for it. I mean I know I'm getting older...but come on! It's fucking Christmas! Oh well.......

A few headers...

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